Tuesday, October 6, 2009

v 1.0 vs. v 1.1

I am having a running argument with our Chief Technology Officer, who insists that our upcoming launch should be version 1.0. The new site will be entirely different in look, feel and functionality. I say that we should call it version 2.0, or, at the very least version 1.1, paying homage to our initial website.

In all fairness, the CTO had nothing to do with the initial website. I developed it all by myself using a Yahoo! template. It took me a few hours, and I wouldn't say it was the most attractive website, but it worked. Quite an accomplishment for a girl with the tech skills of a seahorse.

While that site was short on features, it did introduce many followers to the concept of receiving job opportunities via Twitter. And we managed to develop an impressive list of customers (recruiters) who were willing to experiment in this new medium.

Going forward, we will introduce many features that will make the experience so much better for jobseekers and recruiters alike. But I'd like to remember our humble roots, the early adopters, and the loyal customers who inspired us to make Tweetajob an innovative recruiting platform. Here's to version 1.1!


Anonymous said...

Your sihn up process is broken--at least using Safari

Anonymous said...

Are there any rules in place governing how many tweets a jobseeker can receive in one day/week/month etc?

Could the quality be diluted by a continual barage of messages from potential employers that in effect makes them shy away from the service?