Monday, July 25, 2011

LinkedIn Apply: Giant Step for Jobseekers

Today, LinkedIn launched the Apply With LinkedIn feature. This is big,big news for jobseekers. Really big news.

The Apply feature allows employers and job boards to integrate an "Apply With LinkedIn" button on job postings. For jobseekers, this means eliminating the nee
d to create a new profile or complete a detailed application every time you apply for a job on a company's website or via a job board.

It might take a while, but we think most employers will eventually add the Apply With LinkedIn button. Some companies have already turned on the feature within their applicant tracking systems. At Tweetajob, we're working on adding the feature asap. Eventually, says LinkedIn, the Apply button will work on smart phones (making it easy to apply to jobs from Tweetajob straight from your phone!).

Hoorah for LinkedIn. They listened to end users, who have long complained that applying for jobs takes waaayyy too long. We agree. We're big advocates of creating tools that simplify job search for jobseekers.

As for other job boards, time will tell. The push to standardize online job applications may be too big too ignore, and perhaps the big job boards will eventually join in. They could have gotten together and done this years ago. They didn't. So along comes Web 2.0, open APIs and voila! What once seemed unlikely is now possible in a few simple steps. LinkedIn just created a HUGE competitive advantage, longevity and even more loyal users.

There is, of course, a potential downside. Making it even easier to apply for jobs encourages random, inappropriate applications, increasing the volume of resumes/profiles that employers must review. The problem of the resume "black hole" persists. But, for today, jobseekers can claim victory!

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